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In celebration of Valentine's’s a scene from Infinity ~

He twisted my body, throwing us onto the grass where he pinned me with his body weight. “Listen to me. You’ve got to calm down before you shift.” His grey eyes burned intensely down at me.

Shift? Shift into what? I was so angry that I couldn’t breathe as I bucked like a wild animal, screeching, while whatever was happening was pushing forward, whether I was ready or not. I felt him wedge his muscled legs between mine, spreading them wide. He leaned in, seizing my lips with a hard, dominant stroke of his tongue.

I froze, not able to process the mental switch from savage anger to pure heated desire. I stopped fighting, wiggling my body closer to him. He growled when I took it a step further by wrapping my legs around his hips, pulling tight against him. That’s exactly when the mental switch flipped firmly over to the ‘I want him now’ position.

I sighed as his tongue swept across my bottom lip, then the top. His tongue slid between my teeth, rubbing the roof my mouth. His tongue sensually curled around mine, enticing, daring me to join in. I knew that I should pull away, but I wanted him and took his challenge despite the fact that never in my life had I been so turned on. I moaned into his mouth, enjoying the rich, fiery taste of him that was so addicting.

He tore his lips away, his eyes focused on me like a predator, daring me to move. His fingers loosened my wrists, sliding down my body and under my ass, grasping my cheeks with both hands and squeezing roughly.

Infinity and Torch
Infinity (Valkyries: Soaring Raven)


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