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His eyes narrowed. His sensual lips pulled into a thin line. Her heart raced, remembering how hard those lips were when he licked her own. When he kissed her neck, God, she shuddered… His lips and tongue were wickedly lethal. She bit back the lusty sigh before it slipped out.

“Ah, Querida.His sinfully delicious voice was like a caress against her breasts.

She barely fought the delicious shiver that ran down her spine.

She hated and loved the way he stubbornly refused to stop using the Spanish endearment, Querida—darling—instead of her name.

His lips curled up into a smile as his eyes slid from her black stilettos to her long tanned legs, then her curves encased in her tight, caramel sheath dress.

“You look beautiful, as usual.”

Before she could protest, he pulled her close with one smooth move, sliding his hands up and down her body. Her sex clenched from the hottest frisk in damn history. Annoyed at herself, she smiled coldly before spinning away, stepping back quickly.

“Behave, Cortez. I’m not carrying a weapon on my body.” Technically true. It wasn’t her fault his cockiness prevented him from checking for the gun she stashed in her designer clutch. “Trust me.”

He laughed tauntingly before waving away his hovering enforcers. “Trust is something that must be earned, Querida, and you are far from earning mine.” He pulled her close, their lips almost brushing, millimeters apart.

She gazed up at him, desperately trying to tamp down the image of his hands on her body before stepping back, resisting the urge to run her fingers through his dark hair. She turned away, looking pointedly at the decked-out table set for one with lit candles. It was too romantic for her taste.

Aw… the vampire did all this for me?”

He scowled. “Everyone has to eat.”

She cursed herself for noticing how ridiculously sexy his scowl was. “You’re a vampire. You don’t eat.”

“I do eat and well.” His gaze lingered on her body, sending a jolt of lust whipping straight to her sex. She squeezed her legs together, smothering the delicious pulsing.




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