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Welcome to the Howling Good Hop! 

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In celebration of this Howling Good Hop, I'm giving away one eBook of Breaking the Storm & When Lightning Strikes (you can enter for a chance to win below).

Check out my Excerpt of "Breaking the Storm"

I was almost in full-on panic mode, waiting for a lapse in his posture for my opportunity to launch another attack, when I heard loud crashing and ripping sounds. It was like someone was tearing the door off the hinges. I froze, waiting, but there was an eerie silence like the calm before the storm. There was a horrific growl that shook the ground like an earthquake before Luke's body was ripped away. Swerving my head, my body froze at the sight of a huge, feral, midnight-black wolf dragging a flaying and kicking Luke across the marble floor like yesterday's trash. Luke’s kick connected with the wolf’s flank, which only seemed to incense the wolf even more.
The wolf’s hackles rose with its lips curled back, displaying nothing but fangs and gums. It was circling Luke, reaching in periodically to bite and rip into his flesh. It was almost like it was toying with Luke. Blood flew everywhere as sounds of flesh being mauled filled the air. It was terrifying, and I was undecided if I should run from the feral wolf while I had a chance or not. I decided on the latter as I backed away slowly, trying not to make any large movements that would turn the ferocious wolf on me. I was almost at a safe distance away when I bumped into something hard.
“Going somewhere, Storm?”
I yelped, swinging around, only to stare at Soar, Rip, and Jackal standing there like some great wall of muscle. “How did you find me?”
Rip smiled cockily. “Knox put a tracker on your cell.”
That sneaky bastard. I tried to move past them. The wolf growled menacingly with his green eyes strangely keyed in on me. My body froze.
“I advise you not to move. He seems to be a little pissed off at you at the moment,” Jackal said calmly.
“Rightly so,” Rip added, giving me a stern look. “You need to be bent over his lap and your ass smacked… hard for this asinine stunt.”
“Oh, she’s going to get more than that at the end of this little ordeal. He's fucking pissed,” Soar added with a smirk.
My heart raced with fear. I couldn’t deal with a pissed-off wolf-shifter right now. “Who is that?” I licked my lips nervously, feeling like my bladder was about to fail. “Ryker?”
Soar dropped the bundle of clothes in his hand on the floor. “Nope. Guess again, sweetness.”
My eyebrows rose.
Jackal nodded toward the wolf tearing into Luke. “Darling, I wouldn’t want to be you when Knox is finished with that warlock.”
My eyes widened, feeling like my world was being upheaved. “What the hell are you talking about?”
They shrugged, looking over at the wolf-shifter tearing into Luke. I jammed my hands on my hips. “Are you fucking around?” They just stared at me. I turned to look at the wolf attacking Luke with such ferocity that I almost felt sorry for him.
I looked on anxiously. He looked damn near feral, and that couldn't be good. “Well? Are you guys going to do something?”
“Like what? He’s got this,” Soar responded nonchalantly.
I pointed over at the blood and carnage. “He's ripping him into shreds. Don't get me wrong. The world could do with less trash, but I came here for answers, and he’s killing the only person who can provide them.” I needed to know more about his cult, about who killed Celina, and anything else the little prick could tell me.
They just shrugged.
I walked forward. “Oh hell, just fuck it.” They swiftly blocked me.
“Are you crazy? He'll hurt you by mistake,” Rip said crisply.
“I'm not stupid. Move.” I shoved at them. My abrupt movement made Knox stop and growl at them like he was going to attack.
Jackal froze. “Oh shit!”
I’d had enough. If they weren't going to stop this, then I had to. Pushing them aside, I stepped forward slowly. Knox snarled at Luke, who was rolling on the floor, bloody and screeching in pain. I clapped my hands loudly. Knox’s eyes locked on me. My chest tightened when a wave of heat rushed through my body. I lurched forward from the force of my knees almost buckling. “Drop it, Knox.”
Knox tilted his head before dropping the mangled arm. Luke tried to snatch it. Big mistake. Knox lunged, biting down hard on his other arm, ripping into it.
“Baby, please transform back. I want to go home. Our home,” I said tiredly. I began to figure out what was going on, and I knew Knox was not pleased with Luke or me. The black wolf stood there, massive, dominant, and focusing on Luke, who was backing away.

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CBarton said...

Loved Breaking the Storm and would like to read When Lightning Strikes very much. Happy Mother's Day.

cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT come

Jolanda LovestoRead said...

Happy Mother's Day.
I love both.

Vanessa N. said...
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Vanessa N. said...

My favorite is paranormal.

Jodi N said...

Paranormal definitely!

T.F. Walsh said...

Both books sound fantastic:) will have to check them out.

Melissa Ogletree said...

I don't have a favorite a lot of it depends on my mood mostly I just look for a really good story especially something with a different spin on it! Thank you for the chance!

Jean MP said...

Definitely paranormal
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Anne said...


Rebecca Ray said...

Paranormal, The Underworld trilogy is one of my favs. Thank you!

Linda said...

Paranormal <3
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Thursday!

Juana said...

My favorite is def paranormal. My favorite movie is The X-Files.

jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

Kristi Van Howling said...

I love paranormal!

Crystal Cox said...

I definitely go for paranormal over contemporary it just seems easier to escape reality

Stacey Smith said...

Paranormal Romances is my fave.
sasluvbooks at yahoo dot com

Shadow said...

Paranormal hands down! I cant get enough! :)

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