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Hello Readers

I'm setting up an ARC (Advanced Reading Copies) team for readers who would be interested in getting copies of my books sent to them for free in order to review.

This program won't be for everyone. Not everyone likes leaving reviews, but I have had quite a few requests from readers to offer something like this. So here's how I'm going to do it.

1. Those who are interested can sign up by putting their name, email and a link to a prior review they have left.
2. I will send out e-book copies of the latest book just prior to the day of release.
3. When you review, send me a link to the review. My assistant will be managing the list and checking that reviews are posted. As long as you review, you will keep getting the next book!

One thing to note is that due to piracy risks, I will only be sending the file with a unique identifier and with a note that states that the file is an ARC.
Here is the link if it's something you think you would be interested in

Thank you for your continued support and for being the best fans ever!

All the best,


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